Guideline for Course Registration of Summer Semester 2024

Please refer to the list of E-Schedule, catalog, or other information before you register for a course, and you may contact International Programs Office if you any questions about the course.
[Please be sure to check your own E-Schedule carefully as it may be subject to change before the day of actual course registration]

Click Here to View a Guideline of Summer Semester 2024 Course Registration(Korean Version.)
Course Registration Schedule
Classification Period Type of Student Note
Actual Course Registration May 8, Wed 9AM ~ May 10, Fri 5PM English Track Students
  • Students can log-in from May 8, 2024(Wed) 8:40AM, but actaul course registration will start at 9AM.
Adjustment Period Couse Adjustment Period May 21, Tue 9AM ~ May 23, Thu 5PM
  • Students can log-in from May 21, 2024(Tue) 8:40AM, but actaul course registration will start at 9AM.
  • Cancellation, adjustment, registration of courses are available.

Please Check

  • In the case of a problem occurs due to a failure of not being well-aware of the course registration, graduation, cancellation of credits, and other relating issues, the responsibility is fully on the student.
  • After the course registration period has ended, the student should confirm all the registered courses on his or her portal.
  • Please understand in case a slow server occurs due to a lot of users at the start of the course registration time