Guideline for Course Registration of Spring Semester 2018

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Kyungsung University uses Window 7 operating system, and Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0 web browser for optimal view of the school’s course registration system.

Please refer to the list of E-Schedule, catalog, or other information before you register for a course, and you may contact International Programs Office if you any questions about the course.
[Please be sure to check your own E-Schedule carefully as it may be subject to change before the day of actual course registration]

Click Here to View a Guideline of Spring Semester 2018 Course Registration(Korean Version.)
Course Registration Schedule
Classification Period Type of Student Note
Preferred Course List System 10:00AM-3PM February 12, 2018(Monday) Enrolled/
Leave of Absence/
  • Preferred Course List is the ability to register for taking courses in advance before applying.
  • You can apply faster by selecting subjects in the preferred list of subjects of interest to register in advance when you apply the courses.
  • Applying for a drop-course or Selecting re-take courses will remain.
Actual Course Registration 9:00AM February 19, 2018(Monday) ~ 5:00PM February 21, 2018(Wednesday)
(NOTE: Only pre-login will be available from February 19th at 8:40AM and the actual course registration will start 9:00AM)
Leave of Absence/
  • In the case of re-takers of General Education type courses, leaners should register for courses only after being fully aware of the graduation requirement credits based on Reorganization of the Curriculum
Course Registration for Freshmen 10:00AM February 27, 2018(Tuesday) ~ 3:00PM February 28, 2018(Wednesday)
(Login will be available from February 27th at 9:40AM.)
2018 Spring Semester New Enrolled Students
  • Enrolled or re-enrolling students and students on a leave of absence are not permitted to register for any courses.
Adjustment Period Couse Adjustment Period 9:00AM March 2, 2018(Friday) ~ 5:00PM March 8(Thursday), 2018
(Login will be available from March 2nd at 8:40AM.)
All Students
  • Cancellation/Adjustment/Registration of courses is permitted.

Please Check

  • In the case of a problem occurs due to a failure of not being well-aware of the course registration, graduation, cancellation of credits, and other relating issues, the responsibility is fully on the student.
  • After the course registration period has ended, the student should confirm all the registered courses on his or her portal.
  • Please understand in case a slow server occurs due to a lot of users at the start of the course registration time